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Have you ever wondered why some teeth have little white spots on them? Have you ever wondered if there were ways to remove them?

These white spots occur from one of two general ways. They may be intrinsic, present since birth, and these are from problems during tooth development and these go deep into the tooth. Unfortunately there is no easy fix for these deep discolorations. But the most common kind are extrinsic, such as white spots from Braces, new stains, and from tiny cavities that never got deep.

Microabrasion is the process of removing this superficial defective enamel. This is a one-appointment procedure. Microabrasion is a simple and inexpensive way of treating these unsightly “white-spots” that is also less invasive than drilling in the healthy teeth.

Procedure Steps:
  • While we do everything we can to protect your eyes and skin, we advise that you wear clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting damaged.
  • We isolate the teeth with a rubber dam (to protect you and isolate your teeth)
  • We use five, 5-second rubbing & washing cycles, using a special paste mix.
  • Your teeth will temporarily loose their ultra-smooth finish due to the abrasion, but this will return after a few days.


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